Discover the cashless management interface


The management interface allows you to:    

  • have all your cashless events in one place 
  • set-up items and points of sale   
  • see your cash flow  
  • analyse your sales 
  • manage your attendees 

1) Understanding the management interface

For each cashless system, it is possible to create one or more events.  

Each event includes:

  • One or more activities (section allowing to give separate accesses to each event service. E.g.: Merchandise booth, Bars, etc.) 
  • One or more points of sale  
  • One or more cash register keypads (which can be used across several points of sale)  
  • One or more items (which can be used across several cash register keypads)  

One or more top-up points (physical location allowing to credit the cashless device)

2) Set-up your cashless event

Once logged into your cashless account, you can start setting up your first cashless event, ensuring that you follow the below steps: 

Step 1 

Create an activity

Step 2 

Create items and item categories 

Step 3 

Create a cash register keypad

Step 4 

Create a point of sale  

Step 5 

Create a top up point