Creating and setting-up a cashless point of sale cash registrer

Creating a point of sale (POS) cash register keypad is specific to each activity. A POS cash register keypad allows you to define how your products are displayed on your POS terminal. 

Example: I will create a POS cash register keypad for "Soft drinks" or "T-shirts" to gather together all the products belonging to these categories on a single page of the POS terminal   

Once logged into your cashless account, please click on the relevant event > Configuration > Cashier keyboard

First, you need to choose the activity (top right) for which you would like to create cash register keypads.  

Click on “New” to start setting up your cashier keyboard

If you have not created any activity yet, please read our dedicated article to find out more

1. Name

Helps you find the cash register keypad easily when setting up the point of sale.   

This name will appear on the POS terminal. 

2. Order

Allows to choose the order of the pages of the cash register keypad on the POS terminal. 

To move between keypads, swipe left or right on your sales terminal screen. 

3. Number of columns and lines

This helps you define the number of rows and columns to display on the sales terminal.  

We advise you to set up 4 columns and 3 rows for optimal display.

4. Keypad

Allows you to arrange the products as you wish. If you have not yet created any items, please read our dedicated article to know more.    

Click on one of the boxes of the keypad. For each box, on the right, choose the item to add from the drop-down list.

To move an item, just drag and drop it from one box to another.

You can also delete an item from a box by clicking on the box then on Editing a button > Delete on the right-hand side. 

You can duplicate a cash register keypad using the green "Duplicate" button. 

Once all the cash register keypads have been created, you can move on to the next step: creating a Point of sale