Create and configure a cashless item


Creating items and item categories is specific to each activity.


- I create my "Soft drinks", "Wines", etc. items in my "Bar" activity 

- I create my "T-shirts", "Hats", etc. items in my "Merchandise" activity 

Once logged into your cashless account, click on the relevant event > Configure > Products – Items and item categories.

1. Create an item category

An item category allows you to: 

- organise your items 

- find items more easily when creating cash register keypads 

First of all, you must choose the activity (top right) for which you want to create item and item categories. 

If you have not yet created any activities, see our dedicated article for more information. 

Click on the "New" button and choose "Category". Give a name to your category of items and save. 

Please note: you need at least one category to create items

2. Create an item

Once you have created your first category of items, you can then create the different items of your event by clicking on "New" then "item".  

You will now be able to set specific parameters for each item.

Item name

It will appear on the sales terminal and on your various sales exports

Item category

This is the (previously created) category to which you want to link your item

Item image

It is very important to assign an image to your item. During the event, this image will help the sales team find their way around the sales terminal.

    • Image bank: Click on "Select from the image bank" to choose from an available selection. 
    • Upload an image: If you don’t find an image for your item in the image bank, click directly on the square below "item image" to upload one from your computer.
  • Corner: The corner is useful for you if you have variations of the same item. It will appear in the lower right corner of your image, e.g.: I create 3 "Beer" items and put a different corner on each of them: half, pint and pitcher to identify the possible volumes.


You can set the price of your item in 2 different ways:

  • Fixed price:

    • Enter the final sale price paid by the buyer (incl. tax for the customer) 
    • Select your item’s VAT rate
  • Variable price:

    • If you do not know in advance the price of your product, choose "Variable price" then "Positive"
    • Select your item’s VAT rate
    • Your sales staff will be able to enter the desired price directly on the sales terminal.

Item options

Please check that the "Available for sale" box is ticked for the item to be sold using the sales terminal.

All other options are detailed below. 

3. Your item’s specific options 

3.1 Combined items

Example: I sell burgers, fries and Cheeseburger + fries combos:

Setting of the combined items:

This setting allows me to know exactly how many cheeseburgers and portions of fries I sold, even though I sold some as a package. 

3.2 Variants

In the case of item variations at the same price, it is possible to create variants. 

Example: I create 1 "T-shirt" item and 4 variants for the different sizes S, M, L and XL.

On the sales terminal, click once on the main item "T-shirt", then the size choice will appear. This makes it possible to reduce the configuration of your items and the rendering on the sales terminals. 

Click on "Save" to finalise the creation of your item. You can change the settings at any time. 

3.3 Deposit management

In some cases, it is necessary to sell products with a deposit.  

Example: I always add a deposit for the cup when I sell drinks 

To set the deposit: 

  • The admin or your Weezevent project manager must first authorise the addition of deposits for the relevant activities 
  • Create a new deposit item at the desired price. Click on "New" and choose "Deposit". 
  • The credit is created automatically and can be renamed for greater readability

  • Link your deposit to your items:    
    • either edit the relevant items, then click the "sold with a deposit" option and select the deposit. The price incl. deposit is then displayed.

  • or select the relevant items, then click on "Action" > "Sell with deposit" and choose the deposit

4. View your items

All created items appear in tabular form in Configure > Products - Items and Item categories.

For each item, you can:

  • edit the settings (by clicking on the item)
  • delete it if no sale has been done for this item (by clicking on the bin on the right)

Tip: you can duplicate items. To do so, please tick the item box, then click on “Copy” on the top right. You can now select the activity and item category where you would like to duplicate your item

Once your item categories and items are created, you can set up your cash register keypads.