Creating or editing a cashless activity

Why create an activity? 


⇒ I would like the bar manager to have access only to the Bar activity and the Food manager to only have access to the Food activity

I have a service provider for my event’s foodtruck and another for the bars, and I would like them to have separate accesses.   

Solution: You need to create 2 activities (Bar and Food / Foodtruck and Bar), different rights will be allocated and the event planner will still be able to access both.  

An activity enables you to: 

  • Manage your items and item categories 
  • Manage your cash register keyboards
  • Manage your points of sale  
  • See your sales activity

1. Creating an activity

From the homepage, please click on your event planner name (top right) > system settings > Advanced – activities (left hand-side menu)


Enter the name of the activity to be created then click on “Add”.

2. Editing an activity

Go to the "Advanced - Activities" page. Find the activity to be edited then click on “Edit”.  

You can change the name of the activity, and the event to which it is linked. To submit these changes, please click on “Save”.  

Example: For a festival, there is usually a Bar activity, a Merchandise activity and a separate activity for each food provider.  

Once your activity is created, you can create your items.