Setting up an access list

Is your event fast approaching? It’s time to focus on preparing to welcome your attendees and check their tickets.

We offer you various ways to manage your attendees in order to adapt our solutions to your needs.

An access list is a group of attendees to whom you assign the right to access your event depending on the scanning area (general public entrance, press entrance, VIP access, etc.)

An access list can:

  • Contain the attendees of one or more events or sessions
  • Correspond to a physical location (Entrance A, Entrance B, VIP area, etc.)
  • Correspond to a period (3-day pass, Friday, Saturday, etc.)

By default, an access list is automatically created for each of your events and sessions. These default lists are available in your WeezAccess application without any action needed on your part.

1. Managing access lists

1.1 Creating an access list

  • Log in to your Weezevent management interface
  • Click on the Applications icon at the top right of the screen and then go to the Access Control section
  • Click on Access lists > New access list in the top right corner
  • Choose a name for your list (e.g. Access - Day 1, Access - Day 2, Removal of bracelets, etc.)
  • Change the colour of the list to find your way around it, if you wish
  • Select the number of access rights that the attendees on this list will have by default
  • In Access list criteria
    • Select the relevant event
    • Select ‘All attendees’ or choose to filter by price
  • You can add further access rules if, for instance, your list needs to incorporate attendees from other events
  • Save in the top left corner

Your access list will now appear in the Access lists section as well as in the WeezAccess application !

1.2 Editing a list

In the Access lists section, click on the list of your choice, or go to the Actions column of the access list you wish to edit. 

The attendees’ access rights will change and the terminals equipped with WeezAccess will be automatically updated if they are connected to the Internet.

1.3 Attendee search by list and manual stamping

More information on this page: Using an access solution from your browser

1.4 Activating / deactivating / deleting a list

  • Activation / deactivation: Access lists can be deactivated or reactivated so that they appear (or do not appear) in the WeezAccess application
  • Deletion: You can delete access lists

Warning: Deleting a list means deleting the rights of the attendees attached to this list as well as the access data history attached to this list

1.5 Archiving access lists

Event access lists are automatically archived when:

  • You close your event
  • Your event ended more than 24 hours previously
  • Your event session began more than 48 hours previously

You can view your archived lists by clicking on the View archived lists button. To reactivate an archived list, click on its status again to change it.

If you reactivate an archived list, you will need to archive it manually when you no longer need it.

If you do not wish to use automatic archiving, you can deactivate it and archive lists manually yourself. To do this, click on Archived and then on Change automatic archiving and select NO in the Use automatic archiving box.