Preparing my registration/accreditation platform

Paying option - On quote - - 5 working days delay

You chose to set-up a registration platform, here are the elements to provide us with in order to set it up: 

1. Customisation of your e-tickets

The process to prepare customisation in A4 format is detailed in this article.

Customisation of your e-tickets in a badge (A6) format is explained here.

2. Customisation of your emails

The elements to provide us with in order to set-up custom emails are also listed in our article.

If your registration platform includes attendee moderation, here are the 4 emails you need to provide us with, along with their respective subjects: 

  • Pre-booking email: such as "Thank you for your booking request, we will be in touch soon" 
  • Booking confirmation email: such as "Your booking request has been accepted! You will find your e-ticket attached, please print it and show it at the entrance of the event"
  • Booking refusal email: such as "Your booking request has not been accepted. The event is open to real estate professionals only, thank you for your understanding"
  • Additional information email: such as "Your booking request is incomplete. Please finalise your booking by downloading your running certificate..." 

The body of each email can be customised to give useful information to your attendees (access map, event times, programme, etc.) but also promote your sponsors and partners by adding a header or footer. 

3. Customisation of the registration platform 

We offer you the possibility to add your own background image on the booking platform, or a banner. 

  • Mini-site background image: The specifications are detailed in this article.
  • Banner:
    • 905 x 400 pixels
    • jpg, gif or png format