How to customise my confirmation e-mail

Delivery within 3-5 working days - Paying option (on quote) - No change can be made once live

Would you like to customise your order confirmation email with your colours? in this article, you will find out about the elements to provide us so that we can add them. 

Elements to provide

  • Email subject
  • Name to be used in the "from" field
  • Email address to be used by the attendee if they want to reply
  • An image in 600 x 200 px format that will appear as a banner (header and/or footer). Images are to be provided in optimised .jpg format
  • The body of the email based on our downloadable email template here
  • Associated colour codes (#000000 format)
  • Option: Deletion of the ticket attached to the confirmation email (no download link either)

Note: This banner at the end of the email is mandatory and cannot be removed: “This online ticketing and registration solution is provided by Weezevent. Are you planning events? Go to, it’s simple, quick and professional.”

Note: the general email style and the font of the text cannot be customised

Weezevent is not responsible for the look of the email in the various customer email inboxes