Organising an online event via Weezevent

    Are you looking to organise a virtual event that your attendees can access via an online platform? This article will help you better understand how to manage such an event via our ticketing solution (WeezTicket) and/or our CRM solution (WeezTarget). 

    First of all, please note that we do not provide the streaming platform (Zoom, Livestorm, Livestream, Google Meet, Youtube, etc.) and that it’s up to you to choose the platform that you think is best suited to your needs (number of attendees, question/answer window, screen sharing, file sending, etc.).

    It will then be up to you to send the streaming link to your attendees.

    1. Configure your online event on Weezevent

    1.1 With the same streaming link for all your attendees

    Explanation: An identical link is sent to all your attendees so that they can access your online event. This option works well for free events, for example. 


    1. Create your virtual event on the streaming platform you’ve chosen
    2. Obtain the link needed to access the streaming
    3. Create the ticketing system for your event on WeezTicket 
    4. Configure the order confirmation email and the order configuration page so that the access link appears (Ticketing options > Module and email confirmation message)

    To go further: Do you want to pamper your attendees? You can also create your own mailing campaign to explain to your attendees how to access the online event with the steps to follow 

    This campaign, which can be configured via our CRM tool WeezTarget, allows you to dissociate it from the order confirmation email sent just after the online purchase of the ticket for your event. The streaming link can then be integrated into this campaign. 

    1.2. With a unique streaming link for each of your attendees

    Explanation: You don’t want the link that your attendees receive to be ‘circulated’. Each link should allow only one single connection to the streaming platform.


    1. Create the ticketing system for your event on WeezTicket
    2. Limit the number of tickets to one per order (this can be done from your back office)
    3. Create your virtual event on the streaming platform you’ve chosen
    4. Retrieve the single-access codes (or links) provided by the streaming platform
    5. Import the access codes or links to WeezTarget (via a voucher code import). This is free up to 2,500 emails contacted
    6. Set up an automatic email campaign, in which each buyer receives their unique access code

    Attention : we are unable to make access to the streaming platform (link/password) single use. This should be discussed with your chosen service provider

     Here is an example of a campaign used on WeezTarget with a streaming access code: 

    unnamed (17)

    NB: Not all platforms offer a single access link. We recommend you check with the platform and ask them if this is feasible

    1.3. By automatically linking your Weezevent event to your streaming tool via a third-party application (Zapier)

    Explanation: Zapier* allows you to connect applications to each other in order to automate certain actions. 

    Specific example of automation enabled by Zapier: When an attendee registers for your Weezevent event, their information (first name, surname, email) is sent directly to your streaming tool via Zapier. 

    The attendee receives a confirmation of purchase email from Weezevent, and then receives an email from the streaming platform providing them with the form of unique access to the online event (it’s up to you to decide when you want your attendees to receive this email)

    If you sell more than 100 tickets per month, you will find here their price list 


    * Zapier is free of charge within a limit of 5 connections (5 online events for example), and 100 interactions (1 interaction can represent 1 registration of an attendee). 

    NB : This option is not possible without our help and the involvement of a Weezevent advisor

    You will find more information on how to integrate Zapier in this article


    1. Create your virtual event on the streaming platform you’ve chosen
    2. Create the ticketing system for your event on WeezTicket by indicating that your event will be streamed in the different sections of information
      - Event location
      - Price description
      - Module and email confirmation message (available in Configuration > Ticketing options)
    3. Create an account on the Zapier application
    4. Configure the automation settings between your Weezevent ticketing system and the streaming platform via the Zapier tool (with the help of a Weezevent advisor)
    5. Publish your Weezevent event online and share it to welcome your first attendees 

    Optional: It is possible to deactivate the sending of the ticket (contact a Weezevent advisor)

    2. Talk about your virtual event


    Once the settings made, it will be necessary to communicate on your event’s details so your attendees know what to expect once they will be registered.

    We thought about several messages that you could customise in your Weezevent account, from the tab Configure > Ticketing options 

    unnamed (22)

    Attention : please think about modifying the “confirmation message”, which will always be displayed as default, even on the NO position, asking to bring both the ticket and an ID

    3. To go further

    Feel free to view our blog articles and our advice for organising your online events, depending on the type of event created (e.g. sports course, conference, training, etc.)