View your event's statistics

1. Ticketing statistics

1.1 Available graphs

Graphs, curves and charts are made available to you to ensure that you do not miss anything about your project and to help you in your communication.  

You can obtain detailed information on sales trends according to the number of attendees, month, channel or ticket type chosen.

1.2 Your event’s communication

These various statistics will allow you to analyse your event according to the desired period, as well as its evolution in order to improve your means of communication.


2. Access control statistics

2.1 Traditional reports

You can also view attendance reports for your event according to expected turnout, attendees present and overall participation

To access them, go to:

  • the top right of your screen Tools > access control
  • then click on Reports
  • filter the access control lists for the desired period.

You can also export the attendance report and the scanning history to display the details for each attendee split in several fields (category, subcategory, rate, ticket type, last name, first name, scanned, number of scans, etc.).

The purpose of these graphs is to display the evolution of sales and to compare the figures by period. This allows you to quickly identify the essential elements present so that you can make effective decisions for future events.

2.2 Custom reports

You can also create your own graph in Excel based on the date and time of the scans. This allows you to get an overview of the time with the highest attendance.

To do this, click on the "Export" button on the right and above the table. Then click on "Scan History" to download the CSV file.

Open your file, select the "Scan date" column in its entirety, then click directly on the "Graphics" tab and choose the category of your choice. 


You will then obtain a fully customised graph such as the one below: