Requirements for Internet connection for on-site sales

On site sales

If you would like to sell on location using one of our box offices (iPad + WeezBox + Thermal Printer), you will need a dedicated internet network, either Wi-Fi or, ideally, a wire network. 
We recommend that you use a wire network (Lan RJ45, an Ethernet cable is provided with your WeezBox).
Below are the requirements to set-up an ethernet network on location:

  • Speed: Minimum 1 Mbit per sec. (Upload/Download)  

If you can’t connect using a wire, your Wi-Fi should meet all of the following requirements: 

  • Network access: 
    • No captive portal (A captive portal is an Internet connection mode for which the user must enter his or her contact details on a web page and accept specific terms and conditions in order to access the Internet. This connection method is strongly discouraged because it does not guarantee continuous Internet access.)
    • Simple protection: IP + password
      • Choose a fixed IP (Otherwise there is a logout risk)
    • No timed session: Set-up without logout from the network possible
    • If the network is restricted, access is authorised to:, and in HTTP and HTTPS on standard ports 80 and 443

Important: In some cases, Wi-Fi access only allows connection from a single device - this set-up isn’t compatible with our onsite sales and access control solution: we should be able to connect as many Weezevent devices as you ordered. 

  • Private Wi-Fi network: It should not be shared with the public, the press and - as far as possible - no other stakeholder of the event.
  • Frequency: 2.4Ghz
  • Security: Open / WEP / WPA / WPA2
  • Speed: Minimum 1 Mbit per sec. (upload/download)

If you do not have a dedicated Wi-Fi or Weezevent physical box office: 

  • You can use our online ticket office and print yourself using an A4 printer 
  • You can print stock in advance. This will allow you to sell tickets during your event and manage payments yourself.