Create a cashless account


Do you want to create a cashless account for the event, in order to pre-charge your online account and ask for the refund of your the remaining money?
For this, go to the cashless area of the event. It is usually available in the "Cashless" or "Practical Information" page of the event’s website. Enter your email address in the dedicated space.

Step 1

Fill in the form information to allow the creation of your account. These information will allow you to log in during you next visits on the cashless area of the event

Step 2

  • If you create your account before the event

Enter the ticket barcode in order to link your ticket with your cashless account. You’ll find the number near the barcode or QR code.

  • If you create your account during or after the event

Use the 6 letters code on your card or wristband to link your chip with your cashless account.

Step 3

Select the amount you want to top-up on your chip.

Make the payment with your credit card.

Step 4

You have now created your account. You can check your balance and top-up your account again.

It’s also here that you can ask for the refund of the remaining money at the end of the event, if refunds are proposed by the organizer. 

NB : Refund requests are open for a period defined by the organizer. Remember to make your request before the end of the period. After this time, your remaining money will be lost for good and considered as donation for the organization of the event