Topping up using the cashless terminal

This article will enable you to top up using a cashless terminal. You will find a series of rules and recommendations to follow.

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1. Log in

Swipe your NFC device (card or wristband) under the top part of the terminal (where the NFC reader is located) and select “Top up”.

2. Select the top up point

Choose the top up point that you would like to use for your top up. You can add a new top up point at any time from your management interface. 

We advise you to lock the terminal into a specific top up point in order to avoid any wrong entry. To do so, you just need to log into the terminal (with a manager card or wristband) and go to Staff > Configure > Configure as top-up, then choose the top-up point you would like to lock.  

This option enables you to hand out a terminal to a banker knowing that they will only be able to top up using this predefined top up point.

3. Start topping up

Important: you must always ask the customer to pay before you top up their cashless device


Enter the amount to be added then select the payment method (bank card, cash, etc.). Swipe the customer’s cashless device (card or wristband or use a blank device if the customer does not have one yet) under the top part of the terminal. 

Please note: if activation fees are set-up in the system, the predefined amount will automatically be added to the first top up

  • If the screen turns green, the top up is confirmed and has been added. You can confirm the top up to the customer and show them their outstanding balance on the terminal, then move to the next top up.
  • If the screen turns red, it means the top up has failed. Try again to swipe the customer’s cashless device under the terminal to confirm the top up. If you get an error message, please redirect the customer to an information desk where the technical teams will be able to solve the cashless device-related issue. 

4. Log out

Press the outstanding balance on the top of the screen for 2 seconds. A menu will appear. You can then click on “exit session”.  

Please note: this cannot be undone. You will need to login again to use the terminal again

A pop-up window to exit the Point of Sale will appear, it will enable you to write down the proportion of top ups done in cash or card by that terminal. You can then click on “close the top up point” to exit.