Specification of the Wi-Fi connection for access control


You do not have to have access to a wi-fi network during your event if you have WeezAccess Pro.

WeezAccess Pro devices only need an internet connection when uploading access control data. 

Please note that if you’d like several WeezAccess Pro devices to communicate in real time (synchronisation), or to track your sales in real time, you will have to be connected to a wi-fi network. 

  • Frequency : 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz
  • Security : Open / WEP / WPA / WPA2
  • Speed : 1 Mbit/s minimum (upload/download)
  • Dedicated wi-fi network : It cannot be shared with your audience, the press or - as much as possible - any other stakeholder of the event
  • Network access
    • No captive portal (A captive portal is an Internet connection mode for which the user must enter his or her contact details on a web page and accept specific terms and conditions of use in order to access the Internet. This connection method is strongly discouraged as it does not guarantee continuous Internet access.)
    • Simple protection: IP + password
      • Choose a fixed IP address (otherwise you risk interrupting the connection
    • No timed session : Setting with no network logout possible
    • If the network is restricted to certain domains, you should authorise the following: weezevent.com , nemopay.net, amazonaws.com, meraki.com, godaddy.com

You cannot use a wire connection to control access to your event.