Sending payment instructions for reservations


Want to manage reservations for your event? Some bookings remain unpaid and your event is approaching? Use your attendee management interface to email buyers and send them, in one click, a reminder of the payment instructions for reserved tickets.

Paid or not, reservations count in the quotas of your event.

1. Allowing reservations

Instructions must be entered in the online ticketing settings from Configure > Ticketing options. They specify the payment methods you accept, excluding online payments by card.

2. Managing reservations

2.1 View unpaid tickets

Reserved and unpaid tickets appear greyed in your order management interface.

Tip: From Attendees > Manage Attendees, you can click on +Filter to display only the unpaid tickets, regardless of the origin of the order (manual entry, online, etc.). Use the Ticket status filter = Reservations and then click on Apply filters.

Attendees whose status is “reserved” are grayed out.

2.2 Send a reminder of payment instructions

To send a reminder to buyers with payment instructions, click on the participant card in question.
Under the "Buyer Information" table, click on "Send payment instructions".

It is also possible to use the checkboxes to the left of each unpaid ticket to select several at the same time.

Then click on the "Select an action" drop-down menu and choose "Send payment instructions regarding reservations".

Once the payment has been received, you can validate the ticket by clicking on the payment status "Reservation". You are then offered to send an order confirmation email to the buyer. To find out more, click here.

3. From the buyer’s side

The payment instructions email includes: the details of the order (quantity and prices), the booking instructions you have entered in the ticketing settings and the confirmation message for your attendees. As a reminder, it is also set-up through the menu Configure > Ticketing options.