How to set up a collection of donations

Collecting money for your organisation, for a project or for a group gift is now possible using our ‘Free contribution’ tickets. 

From your Weezevent management interface, create a new event by filling the required fields.

You will need to select “Online donation” as event type. 

Attention : the event type can no longer be changed once saved, unlike the dates, ticket type or selling price of your event

Once you filled in this information please go to Configure > Ticket types and selling.

The ticket type you have created when you created the event appears, click “Modify” on the star wheel. In the main settings of your ticket, choose “free contribution” in the pricing section.  

Your participants can now choose the amount they wish to contribute. 

Tip: Weezevent charges a commission on each transaction. To pay the commission just once for each donation, ensure that your participants don’t give €1 twenty times but rather €20 in a single donation. To do so, you can set-up your donations as follows:

In your ticket settings, click on "+ other options" tick "Set a maximum" and enter " 1 " in the field. Once saved, you can see the result in "View your widget".

And here is how it looks - the participants can enter the amount they want to contribute!

Important : you want to edit a tax receipt to your donors ? Please contact us at so we can activate this paid option (only if your association is eligible to do so)