I would like to change the contact details I gave when I placed my order

Have you purchased tickets on a Weezevent ticketing module and did you make a mistake when you entered your contact details at order? Would you like to change the last name, first name or email address saved when you placed your order?

For any request to change contact details, you will need to get in touch with the event organiser so that they can address your demand. 

Weezevent is only a tech service provider for the event organiser, so we cannot change your contact details.

To get in touch with the organiser, you will ways to contact them: 
- in your order confirmation email  
- on your e-ticket
- on the organiser’s website 
- and on any of the organiser’s social media accounts (Facebook and/or Twitter)

Please do not contact Weezevent about this. Only the event organiser can proceed to any changes. 

To make it easier to grant your request, think about giving the following information to the organiser: 
- the email address you used when you placed your order
- the barcode of your ticket or your order number (starting with a "C")