Adding a ticketing module to my Joomla 3 website

First, we advise you to check that you have a Super User account on Joomla. Adding the widget will require edits that only Super Users can do. 

1. Change the settings

Go to the Admin dashboard of your site and choose System > Settings from the main menu. Go to the Text filters tab and check that the user group that you will use to create your post is set to No filter.

2. Add the widget

From the main menu, go to Extensions > Plug-in management. In the list displayed, select Editor - TinyMCE.

At the bottom of the page, in the Forbidden elements field, delete the script value (values separated by commas).

You will only need to make these edits once. You can then add the widget to your post. To do this, when you edit your post, select Tools > Sourcecode and add the code you will have retrieved from Weezevent where you would like the widget to be.

Find out how to get the widget code at section 1.1 of this article.

The widget will appear as a link in your editor. To see the ticketing module, save your post and view it on your website.