Using and customising my Weezevent minisite

The minisite is a feature that allows you to create in a few clicks a web page to sell your tickets. This free feature is very useful if you don't have a website. Once your event is created, you can customize the information you wish to display.

In 2008, we were the first to allow you to create a mini-site in the image of your event in just a few clicks, to sell your tickets and manage your registrations independently.

Thanks to your feedback, we have updated and improved our mini-sites, in order to better meet the particularities that make each of your events unique. From October 5th 2021, all new events created will benefit from this new version!

Once your event is created in your organizer interface, click on your event, then your minisite editor from Sell -> on my minisite.  From this window, you can customize the information and media you wish to display, and create a minisite that reflects your event's image.

1. Name of the event 

The name of the event which you have already configured when setting it up, appears as the name of your minisite. To modify it, you will have to change the name of your event, from your event configuration page.

2. Banner and background 

To customize your minisite, we recommend that you add a banner image. 

For an optimal result, we recommend an image of 600 by 200 pixels. Click on Add a banner


You can choose between 4 options :


  • In the Banners tab, you will find a selection of banners sorted by theme. Make your choice!
  • The Free images tab gives you access to an online image bank. You can select any of the offered illustrations, or search by keyword.
  • The My Pictures button allows you to import a picture from your computer by searching for it in your files, or by dragging and dropping it into this box.
  • When you created your event, you were able to enter an image. You can find and use it by clicking on the button Event image. The banner will be updated automatically each time you modify the image of your event.

For example, here, with the keyword "Festival".

You can change the selected banner if it does not suit you, by clicking on Modify, and repeating the operation.

3. The description

The description is the one you added to your event during its configuration and appears automatically on your mini-site. You can modify it by clicking on the "Go to event data" button.

The ticketing module is also created from the configuration step of your event, in the Ticket type tab. 

On your minisite, you can modify the title of this module, by clicking on the Modify button.

It is also possible to change the text of the action button on your mini-site, the default text being "Ticketing".

4.  Additional content (videos, social networks...)

In addition to your ticketing module, you can add different content blocks to your mini-site by clicking on Add. You can add text, a title, an image, a carousel of several images, or a video hosted on Youtube or Dailymotion.

You can also add advanced content, such as files, facebook comments, your social networks, or direct sharing buttons on social networks. 

No matter how much content you want to display, a clickable "Ticketing" button is always visible, so that your future attendees can access your sales or registration module at any time during their booking process.

You can modify the font size, weight, colours and other settings. When you are happy with your text block, click on Add block.

To add an image to your minisite, follow the same process by clicking on Add, then Images. As with your banner, you can choose one of your own images, an image already imported, or an image from an online image bank. 

Finally, to add a video to my mini-site, click on Add, then on Video, and paste the url of the video to add, already hosted on a platform such as Youtube or Dailymotion.

5. Rearranging content

Once your blocks are created, you can reorganise them, changing the order in which they are displayed as you wish. To do this, simply click on the arrow button at the top right of each of your blocks. Click on the top arrow to move the block up, and the bottom arrow to move it down.

On the right-hand column of your mini-site, 4 blocks are already pre-filled: 

  • the calendar of your event, 
  • its location, 
  • your contact,
  • and the option to share on social networks. 

All this information is taken from your event data.

You can delete them, by clicking on the "bin" icon at the top right of each block. 

If you have accidentally deleted one, or wish to add new ones, you can, in the same way as for the previous blocks, click on Add. It is also possible to reorder the added blocks with the arrows.

6. Preview your minisite

While editing your minisite, you can preview the result by clicking on Preview

From this window, you can observe the rendering of your site on computer, tablet or mobile. 

Simply click on the Edit my minisite button to return to the editing interface and continue your customisation. On the left side of your screen, different options are available to you: 

You can change the colour of the action button, by clicking on the associated colour square. You can select a colour from the palette or specify a hexadecimal colour of your choice. [Type #0032FA ]. 

The same possibility is offered for the background colour of the mini-site. [Click on a colour at random, then type #F0F5FA ]

You can also choose from 7 different fonts. 


When you are satisfied with the design of your mini-site, you can set some technical specifications.

In the tab Address of the mini-site and security, you can :

  • change the access link of your mini-site.
  • choose whether or not to display your minisite in search engines, 
  • or protect your mini-site with a password.

In the Other options tab, you can specify the image that appears on social networks when you - or your attendees - share the link to your mini-site.

Finally, customize the favicon of your mini-site (the icon illustrating your page on the tabs of Internet browsers) or the upload options and the language of your mini-site.

When everything is ready, all you have to do is click on Publish your event. It is now accessible via the link you have predefined.