Request for additional information


Before we make the first payment of your earnings from your event, we are required to check that the event will take place and that it honours the legal requirements - that is why we may ask you for some documentation. 

What should you provide?

You may have received an email from our invoicing department - not to worry! Just reply to that email address ( by sending the requested documents as an attachment. Please include your event planner ID, which you will find on the bottom left of your screen once you are logged into your management dashboard (number starting with the letter O).

Once we have received and approved your documents, a confirmation email will be sent to you and the payments on hold will be wired. Expect 1-3 working days for the bank to process the payment before it appears on your account. 

You are not receiving your earnings and you have not received an email?

First, you should check that your bank details are filled in and valid. If not, a red banner reading “Let’s work together!” will be displayed when your log into your account

It may be that your bank details or address were missing or invalid when we tried to send you the previous payment. Therefore, it would have been placed on hold. 

To fix this, once you have entered the correct information in your account, just send us an email at specifying that your details are now entered. Please also mention your event planner ID.

Think about checking your spam folder. If none of this works, please get in touch with our customer service at