Printing thermal tickets using a Boca Printer

This article will explain how to print thermal tickets on a BOCA printer, if you have rented or purchased a Boca Lemur from Weezevent or if you own a Boca Lemur printer to sell tickets in your box-office. 

Please note: It is only possible to use this type of printer is you have a WeezBox and an Arthur box-office. You can purchase them here

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Weezevent only guarantees correct operation with Boca Lemur models DT115 and DT275. Other models are not supported. 

Hence, you can only print thermal cardboard tickets (rolls of tickets are not supported).

If you have any questions about the model of your printer, please get in touch with us.


The BOCA printer is automatically detected by Weezevent’s box office when both printer and Arthur box office are connected to your WeezBox. 

The printer connects using a USB port. Calibration starts automatically when tickets are inserted.