How to print a supply of tickets using a desktop printer


This article will help you print a supply of tickets from your desktop printer, using your Weezevent platform. This feature is useful when you sell tickets in physical locations (partner stores, office, etc.) but have no Weezevent Box office. This service is free and will help you sell your tickets independently.

Please note that the printed supply is accounted for, in your event’s revenue, as if the tickets were bought online.

Please follow the following steps to print a number of tickets at a fixed price from your Weezevent platform using your desktop printer. 

1. Create the tickets you want to print 

From your Weezevent management dashboard click on Sell >Stock printing.

Choose the type of ticket you would like to print:


Submit and your tickets will automatically start downloading

2. Print your supply of tickets 

Open the downloaded PDF file and print it (right click, then "print"). 

Print your tickets. You can sell them directly. 

Tip: Remember to keep the unsold tickets to delete them in your attendee management section (Attendees > Manage attendees) so that your bookkeeping is accurate.

You can use filters to display only the tickets generated for your stock printing that were not scanned. If you have scanned all your event’s tickets at the entrance, this search will return all your unsold tickets