How to print laminated member cards


Weezevent helps you print laminated cards for your members using your box-office. All cards include a barcode allowing you to scan your members’ cards instead of traditional paper tickets at each event. 


  • Have an Arthur box office (iPad + Weezbox)
  • Get the Evolis Zenius card printer

Good to know

  • Each ribbon can print about 200 colour cards and 500 black & white cards
  • The printer needs to be cleaned every time 1,000 cards have been printed
  • The card compartment can hold 50 cards 


  • Printer reference: Evolis Zenius USB (with or without an RFID option)
  • Colour ribbon reference: R5H004EAA 5 panels colour ribbon
  • Cleaning cards reference: ACL001 standard cleaning kit

Blank cards

Please get in touch with us to order your standard or double-sided cards customised in your colours. 

Fields printed on the card

  • QRCode > that is the barcode to be scanned at access control (it includes the member number)
  • First and last name of the member
  • Date of birth > if the field is included in the member form set-up in your interface
  • ID photo > if the field is included in the member form set-up in your interface

1. Equipment installation 

1.1 Connection

  • Unpack the Evolis Zenius printer and its accessories
  • Plug the printer in a 220V power socket
  • Connect the printer in USB to your Weezbox
  • Turn the printer on using the POWER button on the front

1.2 Install the ribbon and calibrate the thickness of the card

  • Open the top cover of the printer
  • Insert a new flat ribbon, lugs facing you
  • Adjust the card thickness knob on position 24
  • Close the top cover and let the printer do its job

1.3 Card loading

  • Open the top cover of the card holder (number 1 on the picture)
  • Insert plastic cards (up to 50) in the holding compartment
  • The cards should be placed printing side (blank side) up. If the card is punched (to be worn around the neck for instance), the whole should be placed on the right of the blank side
  • Close the cover of the card holder 

1.4 Cleaning

  • Your printer needs to be cleaned when the indicator light on the front (2nd light) turns on (about every 1,000 cards) or when your printed cards include defects
  • You need to use the cleaning card provided for this purpose
  • Remove the ribbon and the cards from the printer. Close the top cover of the printer
  • Press the POWER button twice quickly to launch the process
  • Remove the paper from the cleaning card to uncover the sticky surface
  • When the cleaning light starts blinking, insert the cleaning card in the dedicated slot (number 2 on the picture) sticky side up 
  • Remove the card when it comes out

2. Setting up the box office

  • From your management interface, in the Ticket office section, select the box office to set-up
  • In Settings, activate the “Access to orders” option 
  • Log into your ticket office
  • In Settings > Printing, choose the “member card” option and save

3. Validate access using member cards 

When checking access, you can scan the attendee’s member card instead or in addition to the event ticket.

3.1 from your management interface

  • Go to your customer interface, then "Access control"
  • Go to the access control list you wish to edit
  • Check that the "Scan members’ cards" option is on

3.2 from the WeezAccessPro device

  • Upload your access control list
  • Scan event tickets or members’ cards the same way!