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Participation report

You can now create customised participation reports by determining the checklists to be included in the report. You can then export the participation data from this report.

  • Log in to your Weezevent management interface
  • Click on the Applications icon at the top right of the screen and then go to the Access Control section
  • Click on the Statistics menu
  • Select the checklists you want to analyse using the checkbox on the left side of the table

Once your report is ready to be generated, click on the Export participation report button in the top-right hand corner, above the checklist table.

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Participation report

This is a .csv (Excel) export of the list of all attendees with information on their passage through the various checkpoints added to the report. 

The file contains the attendee’s contact details, the event name, the price, and each of the checklists. For each checklist, the number of times the attendee crossed the checkpoint is indicated.

To obtain all scanning data (including all checkpoint crossing data for a single ticket), more information can be found on this page: Scanning history report