Legal obligations in the event of cancellation or change of an event

Changing an event from a legal point of view

The rules for issuing tickets being very strict, changing a show, and more specifically a mandatory mention on the ticket (such as change of artist, cancellation or postponement, change of venue), has important consequences on the validity of the ticket.

From a tax point of view, printed tickets (not e-tickets printed by participants) as reported are no longer valid. They must then be destroyed and a new ticket issued.

Failure to comply with this obligation is punishable by a fine of €15 - 30 for each non-compliant ticket.

Nevertheless, the initial ticketing may remain valid, should a request be submitted to the tax office of the city where the show is postponed and a written agreement be provided in advance.

In addition, remember that from a legal point of view, the ticket is a contract between the producer or broadcaster of the show, and the audience member. Any change related to the show therefore means that the producer / broadcaster does not fulfill his end of the contract, and must refund the viewer if they so wish. The fact that the show is postponed or moved forward (day or time) or that the venue has changed does not alter this reasoning.

Finally, a show can be interrupted, among other things for technical, weather-related (in case of outdoor event) or safety reasons.

The back of the tickets sometimes indicate that the tickets may be refunded if the performance lasted only a certain time, usually 1 hour. If the interruption of the session occurs after this duration, it may be considered that the producer / broadcaster has fulfilled their contractual obligation towards the audience member, and the refund of the ticket is not due, provided of course that the cause of this interruption is outside of the control of the producer of the show or his agents (fire, alert ... and in general all cases of acts of god).

Important reminder - Here is an excerpt from the Terms and Conditions agreed to by the Buyers:

Withdrawal, cancellation and refund period

In accordance with Article L 121-20-4 of the French Consumer Code, Tickets are not subject to a right of withdrawal. All orders are firm and final. You will be informed of the possible cancellation of the Event, its postponement or substantial modification by WEEZEVENT when WEEZEVENT has been informed by the Organiser.

Only the buyer who placed the order on the WEEZEVENT website and whose name appears on the Ticket can be refunded.

Your refund, excluding any bookings made using offline Payment, will be done by WEEZEVENT and on behalf of the Organiser only if WEEZEVENT is in possession of sums due to the Organiser. The refund can only occur if:

- the Organiser has specifically requested the refund of the buyers,

- the Organiser has accepted the buyer's refund request,

- Or WEEZEVEVENT is legally required to do so.

By purchasing a Ticket on the WEEZEVENT website, you expressly agree to waive any claim against WEEZEVENT for refunds. WEEZEVENT will however do everything they can to allow you to be refunded by the Organiser.

As a reminder, any decision to cancel, postpone or modify an Event is the responsibility of the Organiser and WEEZEVENT cannot take the place of the latter.

In the event of an Event’s cancellation, the rental fee will, in any case, be retained by WEEZEVENT. In these cases, only the price of the Ticket will be refunded.

As a reminder, here is an excerpt of the Terms and Conditions of Use that you have agreed to as an Organiser:

ARTICLE 7: Change and cancellation of the Event - Refund of the Attendee


If an Event is changed significantly (change in the date, time, venue of the Event or its programming) while Tickets have been sold or are still on sale, the Organiser shall inform WEEZEVENT without delay.

The significant change of an Event is considered, in the context of the current texts, as a cancellation of the Event.

Obligation to refund

WEEZEVENT reminds you that the obligation to refund the Attendees for the full price paid is an obligation of the Organiser.

The Organiser expressly authorises WEEZEVENT to process refunds using sums due to them. In case of insufficient funds, the Organiser undertakes to provide WEEZEVENT with the necessary funds for the refund of the Attendees.

In case of a refund, the remuneration due by the Organiser to WEEZEVENT will remain due.

In addition, and in accordance with the Price List, cancelling an Event incurs cancellation fees.

Refund at the request of the Organiser

Excluding cases of postponement, significant change or cancellation, the Organiser may expressly request WEEZEVENT to proceed to the total or partial refund of the Attendees for all or part of the Tickets already sold without any mention of any reason. In this case, the Organiser must pay WEEZEVENT the sums necessary to process the refund. In the case of a refund at the request of the Organiser, WEEZEVENT's remuneration will be retained.