Importing attendees

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This article will outline the various steps to import your attendees list on your Weezevent platform, using custom fields. 
Using this premium service, you don’t have to manually add your attendees’ list to your interface, we’ll do it for you!

1. Your database

  • Create an excel database of your attendees with:
    - traditional preset fields (first name, last name, email address, title and ticket type)
    - custom fields (job title, company, department, location, transport, etc.)
    - chosen language (one file per language) : emails and invitations will be sent in the previously chosen language for each attendee
    - ticket status (booked / paid)
  • This database will allow to send tickets to the attendees imported to your platform
  • Create your form with all the fields you would like to import

2. Your attendees

  • When the excel file is created and filled, you can send it directly to the following address
  • Once we have the excel file (preferably CSV format), Weezevent adds your attendees to your interface
  • We can then send the ticket and confirmation email to all your attendees