Duplicating an event


If one of your events repeats over time (new edition of a festival, a sports event, a conference, etc., a music show with the same price list as a previous one, etc.), you don’t have to start your set-up from scratch! You can duplicate one of your events and this article will explain how. 

Tip: If you regularly host events on the same model, you can set-up a template event that will remain in draft status. You can then duplicate it to quickly and easily create your subsequent events

1. Duplicate the event

Go to your Weezevent management interface, on the homepage (click on the house at the top left of your screen). 
On the row of the event that you want to duplicate, click on the "+" icon.

2. Choose which elements to duplicate

Please enter the name of your new event, then click on Advanced settings to choose the data that you would like to duplicate. 

3. Edit the new event

In any case, don’t forget to change the date of your new event from the menu Configure > Event details

If you would like your new event to appear in search engine results, remember to disable this feature in your previous events. This can be done from Communicate > Referencing and exposure. It can take a bit of time until this is actually active.

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