Customise your physical tickets

Delivery within 4-6 weeks - Paying option (on quote) - No change can be made after creation

Do you print thermal tickets from your physical box office? If so, you can customise the background of your ticket to match the feel of your event. Read our guide below to discover more. As soon as the different elements of your ticket have been created send them to our team at

1. Support

Thermal ticket with detachable stub


203 mm or 8in


76.2 mm or 3in


178 grams


40 mm from the left edge 


1000 tickets per box


Mono or quadri


Mono ou quadri 

2. Template

You can create your template from this example which shows the dimensions for the front and back of a ticket.

Note: the reverse of the ticket should not have a dark image as this results in errors when it comes to printing

3. Legal notice

3.1 General provisions

REMINDER: Unless otherwise agreed by the organiser, this ticket is non-refundable, personal, non-transferable and cannot be exchanged. Possession of this ticket implies, where applicable, acceptance of the rules and regulations of the event, the terms and conditions and any special provisions set out by the organiser, as well as the general conditions of sale of the distributor.

CONTROL : Each ticket has a printed barcode allowing access to the event. The buyer remains responsible for the use of the ticket. In the event of loss, theft or duplication, only the person in possession of the ticket will be able to gain access to the event. No duplicate will be issued. This ticket is only valid for the location, screening, date or period and the time of the event (all specified on the ticket, except in the event of a postponement if the original tickets remain valid). After the event has started, access is not guaranteed and there is no right to a refund. Access to the event is subject to ticket checks for validity and must not be tampered with. For tickets for special groups (such as under 18s) supporting documentation may be required. For named tickets, official ID with photographic detail may be required. For security reasons the attendee may be required to undergo a search of his/her person and possessions. Access may be refunded to any person refusing to adhere to measures set out by the organiser or to those whose identity does not match that on the ticket. For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to bring weapons, explosives, flammable or volatile substances, bottles, containers, sharp objects or anything that is likely to serve as a projectile, any dangerous object or pyrotechnic substance, signs and banners of any political ideological, religious or advertising nature. Anyone breaching the relevant rules is liable and puts themselves at risk to prosecution. This ticket must be retained for the duration of the event. Any person who does not comply with the terms and conditions or special measures may be refused entry to the event or be ejected from it without being due a ticket refund. No re-entry is allowed except at the organisers discretion in which case a stamp or other mark may be issued.

PHOTOGRAPHY: It is forbidden to photograph, film or record the event. For security measures the venue may be equipped with CCTV from which footage may be used at criminal proceedings. Attendees are reminded that in the event of filming and broadcasting of the event on television, images of attendees may appear therein.

FRAUD: It is forbidden to reproduce, copy, duplicate or forge this ticket in any way. Those who do so are liable to face criminal prosecution. 

THE EVENT: The event remains the sole responsibility of the organiser.

REFUNDS: In the event of a change in the programming or timetabling of the event, no refund or exchange of this ticket will be given. In the event of cancellation, interruption or postponement any refunds or exchange will be subject to the terms and conditions as set out by the organiser.


Access to the park may not be guaranteed during peak times or during special events not specified on this ticket. Please check with the organiser for further details.

3.2 Ticket stub

The ticket stub is not a ticket and may be removed from the rest of the ticket upon entry. Possession of the ticket stub alone does not provide access to the event and in turn a ticket is not valid without one.

3.3 Weezevent Reference

To display the logo ‘Powered by Weezevent’, download from the links below:

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- version .svg

4. Pricing and deadlines

Please contact us at or by phone on +44 20 3868 7483