Changing your organiser account details


In order to fill in or edit your details, go to your Weezevent management interface.

Move your mouse over My account at the bottom left and click on:

  •       My organisation if you wish to edit your organisation’s information, the representative’s first name and surname, etc.
  •       My account if you wish to edit your Weezevent account login details (email address, password)

NB: If you wish to edit the display of your organiser details on the online ticketing system for one of your events, please view this article instead

1. My organisation

Enter the information relating to your organisation (legal status, licence number, intra-community VAT number), the first name, surname and position of the representative, and their contact details, and then save.

2. My account

Edit the email address and password used to log in to your Weezevent account, or your interface language.