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Using a control solution with a professional scanner

WeezAccess Pro allows you to check tickets for your event for up to 100,000 attendees with an integrated barcode scanner

This is a fast and robust solution, with shockproof and weatherproof terminals, allowing you to scan up to 600 people’s tickets per hour. These can scan 1D and QR barcodes, as well as NFC chips, and boast a 5-hour battery life during intensive use.

When an Internet connection (Wi-Fi) is available at the event venue, control data is synced between the server and each connected device. An automatic update takes place every 5 seconds, and allows WAPs to be synced with each other. Tickets sold on site at the box office, and at the last minute on the Internet, will be recognised by the WAPs.

You can use several devices simultaneously. If the Internet connection is lost, you’ll still be able to check tickets, as there’s no need to connect to a Wi-Fi network to scan the tickets. Syncing will take place when the Internet connection is restored.

Order your WeezAccess Pros independently. Feel free to contact our team if you need more information.

You can also order your WeezAccess Pros independently. All you need to do is 

  • Log in to your Weezevent platform
  • Applications menu at the top right
  • Then Access Control
  • Checking solutions in the left-hand menu
  • In the WeezAccess Pro brick at the bottom right of the page, click on Rent a WeezAccess Pro

Feel free to read our article explaining how to control your entries with a WeezAccess Pro