Managing fees in my ticket types

1. What are fees for?

With our fee option, you can break up the price of your ticket in several categories. 

The main benefit of this feature is to file your income excluding all fees, thereby reducing your taxable income with organisations such as PRS for Music, PPL, etc. 

Your accounts display everything you need to file your return easily: you will find the breakdown of your income with and without fees in a new table called “Revenues”. Your fees for each ticket category will be details in a dedicated table for each sale (made using Weezevent and direct sales).

2. How to set-up fees in my ticket types?

To enable this option, please go to your Weezevent interface on Configure > Ticket types and selling > Edit a ticket type and click on + fees.

You plan to sell tickets for €20. You add:
- "management fees" for €1
- "production fees" for €1 also

Your customer will pay €22.
You will be paid €21.01 (€22 minus Weezevent’s €0.99 fee).

You can either display the details of the fees to your buyer or not: on the sales module, in the order email and on the ticket. 

Activate “display commissions and fees” for the customer in Configure > Ticketing options.

Here is an example of an invoice received by the customer after purchase: