Our invitation platform

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Our invitation platform enables organisers to manage invitations on an individual or group basis.

Every recipient is emailed their invitation.

1. Sending invitations

There are two ways to send out invitations:

Either fill in each line required manually; name, email address etc.

Alternatively, when sending a large number of invites, it may be easier to upload an Excel file into the platform which automatically completes the required fields (see 1.2).

1.1 Manual entry

- Firstly complete the necessary fields for each recipient. The monitoring indicators (see section 2) are updated automatically.

- Check the box to the left of each line to confirm an invitation is to be sent.

- Click send.

1.2 Bulk upload

The alternative to manually adding invitations on an individual basis is to import an Excel file. Follow these steps;

- Click the ‘Import/Export’ button

- Click ‘Download’ for the bulk invitation template

- The minimum information required to personalise an invitation is the first and last name of the recipient and their email address. It is important to stick to the format of the template and not adjust the layout of the columns;

- Once completed save the file locally

- Click on the ‘Import’ button to upload your file into the platform

Remember to check all the elements of the invitation and then click ‘Send’.

Important: It is possible to view 25, 50, 100 or every invitation type created in the platform. If you wish to send all the invitations at the same time ensure you click ‘All’, which will display them, and then ‘Select All’ before clicking ‘Send’. Please note that when sending a large number of invites it may take a minute or so to process

1.3 Additional guests and invitations

If you wish to add guests to your event it is simple to do so through the platform by entering the required information. Of course if the number of additions to add are high then it may be quicker to upload your guests in a bulk upload. Use the template to enter the required information and send out invites on a larger scale.

The file that was used to send out the first bulk upload will open and after entering the additional recipients ensure that the changes are saved and uploaded back into the system.

To send out invitations to newly added recipients only, use the filters to select those for whom the counter is at ‘0’. This will avoid duplicate invitations being sent out.

2. Monitoring invitations

Our platform also monitors the invitations sent out. The total number sent, the number accepted, rejected etc. These figures update automatically as soon as any new invitation is added (as seen on the right of the page).

3. Filters

Our platform comes with filters allowing you to modify how the different elements are displayed according to:

- the type of invitation sent (day ticket, weekend ticket, VIP ticket etc)

- the response to the invite (accepted, rejected, pending)

- how many tickets have been downloaded following after accepting an invite

- the number of times one email address has received an invitation

Helpful hint: if you need to search for a particular invitation sort the columns alphabetically by clicking on the double arrow next to the title of each column

It may take a few seconds for the fields to sort if the platform has multiple invites.