Creating my first event

Ready to create your first event? You will only need a few clicks.

Log in to your Weezevent management interface then click on I create my first event.

To create an event you must provide the following information:
- Name of the event
- Type of event (choose from a drop-down menu)
- Start date
- Label and price of the first ticket type

All these elements can be edited later. When you save, your event remains in Draft status. You can then continue to set-up your event.

Important: When you create your first event, you can choose the currency of sale for your tickets. This currency choice will apply to your account as a whole. If you choose to sell in euros, all your subsequent events will also be set-up to sell in euros

If you have not yet made a sale, you can edit the currency by clicking on My organization (lower left hand corner) > Billing > Bank details.
The currency cannot be edited after the first sale.

If you wish to sell tickets in several currencies, you will need to create one event planner account per currency.